• Camo Whiskey Tower With Antler Handle


    Custom wood base made of distressed pine with a hydro dipped Camo tower mounted on top.  Each Tower has a Chrome dispensing faucet handle made of Texas White Tail Deer Antler. 

    To Use

    Open a bottle of your favorite alcohol beverage and place the open end into the top of your whiskey tower.  Pull the keg handle to allow the alcohol to flow through the spigot.  If the neck of the bottle does not fit or the bottle does not sit firmly on the top of the tower, pull the rubber bushing out of the top of the tower.  This will allow the larger bottles to fit. 

    When changing from one kind of beverage to another product make sure to turn tower upside down over a sink to allow the remaining alcohol to come out. This only needs to be done if you are changing from one brand of  product to another.

    Care Instructions:

    Tower can be cleaned with any house hold cleaner.  Base can be wiped down with any "pledge" like product as needed.